Andrea Dossi


I am Associate Professor of Auditing and Control and of administrative systems in multinational groups and Senior faculty member of the SDA Bocconi Accounting and Management Control Department. I am author of numerous books and articles on my topics of interest. My works has been published in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, the Management Accounting Research, the Long Range Planning, and the Asia and Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, among others. 

Associate Professor

I have won numerous teaching and research awards, including the 2008 David Solomons Prize, Management Accounting Research, the Incentivo alla Ricerca prize, Università Bocconi (1996) and the Award for Excellence - most outstanding paper published in 1998 volume of Benchmarking for Quality Management & Technology (1999).

Research interests

My research interests are planning and strategic control systems, control systems in multinational firms, performance evaluation and economic accountability and benchmarking.

Selected Publications
Greve, Jan; Ax, Christian; Bedford, David S.; Bednarek, Piotr; Brühl, Rolf; Dergård, Johan; Ditillo, Angelo; Dossi, Andrea; Gosselin, Maurice; Hoozée, Sophie; Israelsen, Poul; Janschek, Otto; Johanson, Daniel; Johansson, Tobias; Madsen, Dag øivind; Malmi, Teemu; Rohde, Carsten; Sandelin, Mikko; Strömsten, Torkel; Toldbod, Thomas; Willert, Jeanette

The impact of society on management control systems