Francesco Grossetti

I am an Assistant Professor of Accounting Analytics and Data Science at Bocconi University. I graduated in Astrophysics and Space Physics from Università Degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca and obtained a Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Statistics from Politecnico di Milano. I have served as a reviewer for the following journals: Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Finance Research Letters, Journal of Business, Finance, and Accounting, and Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry. I consider myself an active developer of open-source tools.

Assistant Professor
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Beyond research, I enjoy music and photography. I love to watch documentaries and love everything that is sci-fi and tech. In particular, I like to discover new software that is both open-source and useful. Last, space has always been my passion and I try to keep myself up-to-date with the latest news from the outer worlds.

Research interests

My research employs computational and statistical approaches to gain insights into the behavior of companies and investors' perceptions. Specifically, I use and enhance Natural Language Processing techniques and language models to examine the impact of financial and non-financial disclosures on key financial performance. Additionally, I leverage Deep Learning-based Computer Vision methods to extract visual information from financial disclosures. Furthermore, I investigate the economic implications of Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Systems, exploring their potential to foster novel research avenues and revolutionize accounting practices. Finally, I work on time-to-event models and their stochastic properties to study the dynamic process that generate the observable accounting information at hand. 

Working papers
Miles Gietzmann, Francesco Grossetti, Craig Lewis
Investor Distraction and Multi-Dimensional Financial Narrative
(revising for 2nd round submission to Review of Accounting Studies)
Carly Burd, Elisa Casi, Francesco Grossetti, Petro Lisowsky
Olga Bogachek, Antonio De Vito, Paul Demere, Francesco Grossetti
Selected Publications
Antonio De Vito; Francesco Grossetti

Tax Avoidance Research: Exploring Networks and Dynamics of Global Academic Collaboration (Monograph)

Forthcoming in Springer SIDREA Series in Accounting and Business Administration